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  Esther Ginn- August 2015

I have never stepped into Dr. Karpinski's office but I did spend 24 years managing a cosmetic dental practice in Califor...nia so I can share from an informed "insider" position. My husband needed urgent dental care and I began to call different dental offices asking questions. Being in the industry I knew the right questions to ask. when I called Dr. Karpinski's office, they didn't make my husband get a cleaning and xrays before he could be seen for an emergency visit. Dr. Karpinski got him in and addressed the one tooth. Because my husband felt confident in Dr. Karpinski he also decided to have a complete exam and xrays to hear what Dr. Karpinski would recommend for the rest of his teeth. Dr. Karpinski came up with a plan on how to restore some badly broken down teeth and spent time discussing the plan with my husband. Now, you might be able to find another dental office who can do the same thing, but what I really want to share from an insiders perspective is the attention to detail and integrity. An occasion came up where a crown didn't go into its space as planned and rather than going ahead and putting it in and not saying anything to my husband, Dr. Karpinski explained that precise fit is critical for longevity to the restoration and health of the surrounding gum area and that a second visit would have to take place to make sure the crown went on like a glove. Sad to say, many dentists would have put the crown on anyway and the patient is never the wiser until a few years go by and they have to pay for another crown because of re decay on the tooth due to the poor fitting crown placed. When my husband explained what happened I was very thankful for the integrity of Dr. Karpinski. Now, all this being said, the REAL reason I wanted to write this review was to say how very surprised and pleased I was at the result of my husbands improved what I call the "smile line"... the teeth we show when we smile. He had a broken tooth right in front on top and it was so far gone that a crown restoration was necessary instead of a tooth colored filling. Being in the cosmetic dental mode, I was leery with doing just one tooth because it is very difficult to match the new crown to the natural teeth on either side. I am very happy to say (and see every time my husband smiles) the result is beautiful. I am still amazed at how good of a result Dr. Karpinski achieved being no easy feat and that is also why I mentioned he has a great lab. A dentist can have great skill, training, knowledge, technique and experience but if the lab isnt on top of their game, the patient loses. unless Dr. Karpinski is making his own crown restorations ! That could be a possibility :) anyway, every time my husband smiles, I am very grateful we went to Dr. Karpinski. Though we never met, I wanted to express my gratitude for a job well done.

Karen Hale- Dr. Karpinski and his staff are the most caring and compassionate around. They are very good at what they do and treat each person with respect. My husband and I love the honesty and integrity that Dr. Karpinski runs his office with. We recommend him to any of our friends and family.

Michael Maggiulli - February 19, 2016
Dr. Karpinski is a very exceptional dentist. He does a great job with all dental work and he explains each procedure in detail. I would recommend him to anybody that needs a dentist.


 Patty Smith-February 22,2016

5star-Dr. K and his staff have been our family dentist for almost 20 years, we trust them to give us the best in dental care and advice and they never disappoint!!!


Linda Harden- November 12, 2016

We drive forty-five minutes to see Dr. Karpinski and his team of friendly people, and it is well worth it. This has been the only dental office for us since we moved to Rochester fifteen years ago. Thank you, Dr. Karpinski for being a great dentist!



Isaac Harden- November 12, 2016

 Great atmosphere and amazing people! Dr. Karpinski always seems excited to chat with his patients and is fond of walking out to the car to chat with my family. He knows how to work with all ages, which is a must-have quality in a dentist. Highly recommended.



Annette Daansen Junot reviewed Joseph Karpinski D.D.S.5 star

2 mins · Annette Junot-November 12, 2016

We always have a positive experience . Dr. Karpinski and all the staff are friendly and informative. My family and I are very happy to have them as our providers.


Samantha Stone- November 15, 2016

Always a good experience when my brothers and I go, very friendly and welcoming, ready to do anything you need to be comfortable! Couldn't ask for better people.


Michael Thom-November 30, 2016

This is the friendliest dental office I've ever been a patient of!!! From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed! Dr. Karpinski is always very thor...ough, informative, and happy to answer any questions I have. His staff are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They take the time to explain everything that's going on and teach you a lot. I truly look forward to going here every time! Thank you for being such a great office!



 Vera Harris- December 12, 2016

Dr. Karpinski along with his friendly staff provided the best dental experience. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with a warm handshake from the himself who asked how my husband Paul was feeling after he treated him a week ago. It is not just a job for this office, but you are part of a family of staff who really cares. My husband and I will never go any where else. Dr. Karpinski gave my husband his personal cell phone number to call anytime he has a dental problem and he would fix him. Bless you all! :)
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December 2016

Diana Williams. Everyone at the office is great to deal with. They are all professional, courteous, and friendly.
Sue Dumas. Professional, honest and puts the patient first. Also, Dr. K is into cars - that's an A+ in my book!
Christopher Aman. Love this place! Always so good to me here.
Thomas Nally. Great experience. Thank you for your efficient knowledgeable capable and pleasant treatment. Merry Christmas &Happy New Year




January 2017

Marylou Wilkins. I love Shelli and her gentle care. She keeps updated and thorough. Please submit this for the contest for a new tooth brush. Hope I win!! Longtime patient of this practice, Mary Lou Wilkins
Barbara Sanderson. Very please with all my dental care. Thank you. Barb S.
Julie Montana I am very thankful to have finally found a skilled dentist. Dr. K is great and I love the attention to detail. I have lived with various teeth pain for years and now my mouth feels great!

Timothy Sheffer

Always feel they are looking out for my dental needs. Friendly and efficient staff. Highly recommended .

Richard Williams Nice photo. "Make my teeth GREAT again" GO TRUMP!!!

Heather Nicholson I've already recommended Dr.Karpinski to friends and will continue to do so!

Kim Eysaman:  You guys are all so great!!! Beautiful office, everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. Positive experience and atmosphere. Thank you!


Joshua Rossi:  

I deeply appreciate the office professionalism and the fact that everybody is always on time.


February 2017

Carol-  Greer Love this practice!
Marcy- Eddy I feel that Dr. K and staff have a real interest for my health and well-being. I always feel relaxed and not under pressure.
Erin- Rogers Dr. Karpinski and his team not only provide great dental care, but they make sure they are doing what is best for their clients. They are a fabulous practice!
Michele  Adair

 Dr. K and his entire staff are all extremely professional and incredibly friendly ??. They make you feel very comfortable, and the whole dental experience is as pleasant as can be (considering there are people poking around in your mouth??)

Ronald Sallade Thanks to all of you - we are both so grateful you are there!

Chris McKinney Love you guys!!!!
Daniel Murray

Always a very thorough, caring, and efficient experience.



MARCH 2017

Janet Levenson

Very friendly and professional. Couldn't be happier.



 APRIL 2017


Ron Sallade-         It is reassuring to know you are all there - on a regular basis for scheduled appointments. However, as we learned on Monday when Ron was suffering from pain in his tooth, he was seen that day. He received treatment and much relief. Thanks to all of you!

 Christine Sheffer-  The doctor and his staff are excellent in every way. Care the way it should be!


MAY 2017

Claire Ives-  After 27 years under Dr K's care I can't think of anything to say that wouldn't be positive. Everyone in the office takes the time to make you feel comfortable and if extensive work needs to be done the time is taken to completely explain the procedure. Any and all questions are fully answered. Very happy with all!

Ryan Davis-     Best dental experience no questions asked!!

Thomas Davies-  Thank you for always taking such great care of me!

Mary Brunner-  Everyone there is very kind, considerate and friendly. They make the "dental experience" as pleasant as possible.

JUNE 2017
Brian Osling-  Dr. Karpinski is a craftsman of high order. I actually look forward to my appointments!
JULY 2017

Robert Gall Very pleased with service
Carol Greer I can't say enough wonderful things about this practice. I am treated like a VIP. Nothing is ever rushed, but I also never have to wait. Everyone is extremely friendly (like family). Patients come first.
Amy Turner Thank you for doing a great job!